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 Land Owners / Management FAQs

How much do you charge for Farmland Management service?
For our standard land management service, we charge 4% of the yearly rent.
What does your land management service include?
Our standard land management service include:
  • Act as the agent of the Land Owner, handling all matters regarding the lease and the tenant.
  • Inspection of Land minimum once a year, collect info regarding land use, crop , land condition , and report to the Land Owner.
  • Providing recommendations on ways to enhance farmland value.
  • Lease compliance. follow up the lease during the term and ensure the lease is executed by the tenant as per terms on the lease agreement.
  • Enforce lease execution if the tenant is in default.
During the management term, if lease agreement expires, sourcing & selection for new tenant and signing lease agreement (by auction or non auction) is not covered by the standard 2% management fee. This is covered by our Auction Service Fee, see Lease Rental Action FAQs. For more information, view: Farmland Property Management Services
Do tenants pay rent to you and you remit to me, or do they pay directly to me?
Tenant pays rent directly to you. We handle all the matters regarding the lease and rent.
Would you take the responsibility if I could not get paid by the tenant?
No, we do not, but we will push the tenant to pay as soon as possible, and we will refer a lawyer to take care of this.
Could I take a look of your standard Land Management Contract?
Yes, please fill out the online form Land Owner Get In Touch, and we will email you a copy of our Land Management Contract.