Terms & Conditions

The following Terms of Use govern use of the ExtrAcre.com website. 

  •  I understand ExtrAcre.com will consider many factors when deciding on whom to award a land package and the highest bid value may not necessarily win the package.
  •  I understand the completeness and quality of response in the Register Form are important in assisting ExtrAcre.com with decision-making for awarding the bid.
  •  I understand that a signed credit check authorization form (sent via email) may be required to complete registration. Credit checks will only be pulled for competitive bidders.
  • I understand that I am required to provide credit card info.  ExtrAcre Auction website uses credit card info to verify the identity of the registered uses, and make sure that registered users are real people. Because every registered user is verified through this process when they register, so bidders can know that that are bidding against real people.

 For packages larger than 10 quarters, third party financial statements may be required.

Service Fees:
ExtrAcre.com website is completely FREE of charge to bidders.

Auction Closure:
After the auction is close, winning (or selected) bidder and landowner are obligated to sign a lease agreement within 3 days. 
ExtrAcre.com also provides legal contracts. These contracts serve as a legally binding agreement between the land owner and the successful bidder.