Privacy Policy

Unless the user opts to voluntarily provide ExtrAcre with personal information that could be used to identify them uniquely, ExtrAcre refrains from gathering such specific personal information.  The user could be asked to provide some personal information when navigating certain parts of the ExtrAcre website. For instance, you could be asked to enter your details during the registration process or when you are participating in any newsletter or forum. Such information is asked to maintain the standards of the respective section or to contact the winner of the auction. The same principle applies to the information requested to personalize the ExtrAcre homepage. 

In all cases, similar to the examples mentioned above, ExtrAcre will gather only personal information that will be voluntarily provided by the user and such information will be kept confidential. All information used by the user to log into the ExtrAcre website will not be transferred or sold to third party entities. 

However, in an effort aimed at measuring and analyzing the user's engagement of and interest in various sections of the website, ExtrAcre shall conduct statistical analysis of user characteristics and behavior from time to time. The data collected in this

exercise will be limited to aggregate data and not individual data. This information is intended for helping to improve the usability of the site and ease of navigation as well as gathering marketing data.  

It is important to note that ExtrAcre may collect non-personal data and information automatically through “cookies” installed on the user’s browser. “Cookies” are tiny text files that are used to identify a personal computer's browser surfing the internet. These miniature files help the website in tracking the activities of the browser as the user navigates through various sections of the website in multiple sessions. The information collected by cookies will help ExtrAcre recognize repeat users, make decisions on content improvement, and track general user behavior. The use of cookies will be limited to this purpose only. 

In case you object to the deployment of cookies on your browser, you can disable them by opening the Preferences section of your browser and making necessary settings from there. Please note that disabling the cookies may result in some aspects of the ExtrAcre website becoming unavailable to you. If you are Okay with cookies being deployed on your device but you would like to be told beforehand about their appearance on your browser, you may proceed to the Edit/Preferences/Advanced section of your browser and make necessary modifications from there.